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You can start your Business in Japan in only THREE MONTHS!!

☑ You do NOT have a license in Japan? No problem.

☑ The sales channel is already available.

☑ You can request Marketing Research only.

There are many companies who starts business in Japan quickly, and increase sales revenue
1. Why can we start the business in only three month?

There are two main activities. (1) Manufacturer’s registration, which takes about 2 months. (2) Product registration, which takes about 1 month (low risk device). The total term is 3 months.

We support all documentation work for you.

2. Are we ensure the sales revenue?

You ensure the good sales revenue by building a firm sales/marketing strategy. How to go proceed with the firm sale/marketing strategy? Please use our service “Regulatory/Marketing Research”. We propose the best plan, which will be established to fit your product features.

Our Specialist will build a best strategy and support you to achieve business success in Japan.

3. Business Success is really expected in short term?

We ensure your business success in Japan by establishing both the regulatory strategy and the sales/marketing strategy at the same time. Our members are specialist having long experience over 20 years in each field. We sure output the sales revenue by executing product registration quickly, and utilizing the appropriate sales channel.

We contribute to your company for your business success as much as we can.

Voice of Customer

B Ltd. (Australia)

When introducing a product in Japan, which is categorized medical device in other countries, we have no idea how to handle the device in Japan. In the result of using the IM Japan consultation service, we are satisfied to know that the device is non-medical product, and out of scope of the medical device regulation.

IM Japan also advised us of extra information about the relative regulation (electrical appliance) we shall meet to export to Japan without additional expense. By taking the service, we can start the business with safe in regulation.

I Ltd. (USA)

Since we have though that our bland is NOT acceptable in Japan market, we are not active to expand the business into Japan. However, we decided to go into Japan market by the clear sales/marketing research.

We were able to start the business with three months. As the report shows, the sales is healthy. We are satisfied with the decision to go into the Japan market.

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